our engagement story ... {told through my eyes - wayne: husband to be}

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

where to start...
well,  last year around may / june time steph set off for sunny south africa to do a practical for her studies,  well so she says , I reckon it was more like a holiday.  So I pulled finger and decided that steph is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and took it upon myself to find a ring.
Trust me guys,  steph gave enough hints,  suggestions,  remarks you name it,  I even got given a ultimatum, but that's not the main reason I wanted to ask her to get married.

well I knew steph loved pear shaped diamonds so I went over to de beers in westfield and after various appointments and discussing the design of the ring, I finally put down a deposit and then i had to play the waiting game.  lets just say that as BIG as de beers are they are let me down, so after getting my deposit back I found a lovely family run business called swag.

steph during this time came back after her studies ( holiday) and I had to find excuses (little white lies) to tell her I was working late.  BUT i was actually meeting swag to design her ring for her.

well finally after a 6 months of stressful meetings,  the lies and the burden of hiding this ring in my sock drawer, we decided to go on holiday to Tunisia.  to make sure steph didn't find the ring, i told her that she was not allowed to look in my luggage as I had a dvd for her as a gift (anniversary gift).

well we all know steph... during the first couple of days on our holiday she was constantly saying: "so wayne,  where's this dvd you promised me",   for f&%$£@ sakes I felt like telling her to keep quiet because I had to find the right moment to ask her.

so on saturday evening the 3rd I told steph to dress up for dinner & then after dinner we will go for a walk on the beach since it was full moon.  after dinner i said to steph that i need to run up to the room to get my jacket just in case it is cold on the beach, but actually i had to go and get the ring.  upon my return she had the ordasity to ask me why am i wearing a jacket in this heat.  i can tell you now that i was sweating in the 25 degree weather with my jacket and smart clothes on. and to top it all off, every five minutes steph kept lagging behind (taking pictures of EVERYTHING), which really irritated me.

well finally after the one millionth picture...omg guys I wish I could describe it to you, its as if the universe knew what was about to happen...

the beach was totally deserted,  the full moon was shining over the ocean and left a beautiful shimmer over the tiny waves .

i said to steph that i just need to do something quickly...
steph quite oblivious to my nervousness... disappears  for 5 min to take some MORE photos

I came back and told her:  "do you trust me" & then told her to close her eyes and walk over to a spot,  and when we got there I told her to look at the floor and tell me what she thought... (i did have to explain it twice though)

she turned around and I written in the sand

will you marry me?

the rest, as you say:  is history

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