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Friday, October 29, 2010

…to really really love chalkboard walls
…on a tuesday to already put yourself in weekend mode
…to look (and feel) grumpy early in the mornings before your first cup of coffee
…to calorie-count at the supermarket and on your lunch break, but ignore the concept entirely in a restaurant
…if you still want jennifer aniston’s hair
…if the only thing keeping you from getting a dog is, frankly, bagging the poo
…to smile and nod, rather than saying ‘excuse me'?’ for a third time
…to like fruit after a meal but be clear that it’s not dessert.  cake is dessert.  kiwi’s are not
…to insist that his hair be shorter than yours
…to talk about the weather when all else fails.  it’s universal:  everyone cares
…to bury the price tag in the bin
…to despise a name because some girl/boy who you didn’t like way back when, had it
…to count housework as a gym session
…to feel quite impress with myself when i get a sms or email from some-one who is REALLY impress with the wedding invites.
10.10.28 Don't Dump10.10.28 Don't Dump_sign
{taken around the corner from work. thought it is so funny…}
have a FANTASTIC weekend you all!

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  1. I love your post!! and it's totally okay, because all of that is YOU!... and I love you for being you! have an wonderful weekend!!
    missing you so much!!


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