lovely london transport...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

i know i should be grateful that we have transport here that is way more reliable than SA can EVER hope to have BUT if you had to be squashed in a train under someones stinky arm pits & horrible breath (and this is first thing in the morning - haven't these people heard of deodorant, toothbrush or even a shower); then GRATEFUL doesn't pop up in your mind as a word to use for the transport system. 
the london transport has a strike today (telling us it is for our own safety that they are doing this - oh please) for 24 hours; so there was no tubes this morning.  i had to walk for about 45min from the nearest train station to get to work.  luckily the trains (overground ones) was still working because my station (where we live) is not part of london transport.  if this wasn't working there will be NO WAY for me to get to work.

the only plus point about this was that i walked (though quite far) in an area i've never been before.  so i decided to make the most of this and take a couple of pictures.  so here you go...

some of the lovely buildings in london

loads of people walking (like me) and cycling to get to their jobs

another pretty building

hope everyone has a fabulous tuesday and week & hope i can get home tonight before 8pm!

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  1. I visited London for the first time, back in May and I fell in love. I've spent most of my free time, since I returned home, trying to figure out how I will land a job there, so I can move!


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