smelly bride

i read an interesting (and luckily old) little fact today.  i got this from a old glamour magazine:   
in the 1500’s most people got married in june because they took their yearly bath in may, and therefore would still smell pretty good in june.  however to mask the bit of smell that is already coming through, the bride would carry a bouquet of flowers & herbs to hide the smell.  Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married.
i am SO SO glad that we don’t live in the 1500’s (or before).
in anyway …
a couple of weeks ago, wayne took me to watch my first football (soccer) match at manchester united grounds (old trafford).  it was so funny to see all these people (men, women & even kids) work themselves up in a frenzy for a game (match).  i had a lot of fun (even if wayne got a bit irritated with me – i tend to ask A LOT of questions if i don’t understand something).  wayne took me there because he became a official member of their club (i think is what it’s called) and he can get discount on tickets now. 
here is a few pictures when he got his membership card.  as soon as i have a cable to download my photos on a computer i will post the rest of the photos i took on the day.
this is the box the card, books & info came in; this is what the old trafford use to look (on the left) and look now (on the right)
 10.09.00 Wayne MUFC Membership1
the membership card:10.09.00 Wayne MUFC Membership2
wayne (one happy little ‘frog’) with his membership box10.09.00 Wayne MUFC Membership

car boot fair weekend

i hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend! 
on saturday we went to westfield shopping centre (HUGE shopping centre here in london) to find the last of wayne’s wedding attire. 
it was a huge success – the only thing left now for him is his accessories.
this was taken after all the shopping, with both of us having a coffee to take a breather & relax a bit.
10.09.25 Wayne & shopping
at the shopping centre they had a fashion show & a car boot fair of all the major clothing shops in the centre.  they painted or covered cars with goodies & clothes from that specific shop and displayed it in the centre for all to see. 
here are 2 of the best:
10.09.25 Car boot Fair 10.09.25 Car boot Fair1
the one with the birds; is from Swarovski the crystal jewellery place (you can see the crystals in the birds’ mouths).
have a GREAT monday & enjoy the last week of september 2010!

{photos: iphone}


10.09.23 Dotting car
wishing you all a ‘spotty’ good weekend!
the weather is suppose to be rainy & cold here, so i hope the bunch back home enjoy their sunny & dry, looong weekend.

{photo taken with iphone}

a day in my life…

this was my day yesterday:

6.30am the alarm goes off; I snooze the alarm
6.50am I eventually get up
7.05am tell wayne that he needs to get out of bed, otherwise he WILL be late
7.20am wayne leaves (run should I actually say) to get on the train
7.25am I leave the house, to catch my train (first a train then a tube)
8.25am I get to work
5.30pm end of my work day BUT I NEVER leave work before 5.45pm
5.45pm leave the office & walk (very fast) to the tube station
6.55pm walk into our house
7.00pm do some washing
7.15pm  do some exercise
7.45pm wayne gets home & i start with dinner
8.15pm  dinner time
8.30pm  i go for a shower (while wayne relaxes)
9.00pm  i tidy up the kitchen
9.15pm  we work on the invites
11.00pm  time to go to bed
11.30pm  EVENTUALLY climb into bed & watch an episode of Two & a Half Men on laptop
12.30pm SLEEP

we are working REALLY hard on the invitations because they HAVE to be posted by the beginning of October. 
today’s photo is the BEST photo of my little niece Katinka; that is standing on our fireplace.  every time we sit in the lounge wayne will say to me the following:  “Steph, Tinkie is staring at me.  that photo of her is like the Mona Lisa – the eyes follow you EVERYWHERE.” this happens EVERY NIGHT we go to sit in the lounge.  i LOVE that photo with her drool all over her chin & mouth, a big grin & BIG eyes.

10.09.22 Tinks picture3
{photo taken with iphone}

invites, invites, invites…

last night i got wayne to help me out with the invites (on my own, there is NO way i would get it done in time).  he was happy to help (he said so, even if he complained about it the WHOLE time).  he did a fantastic job (even if i had to go back and fix a couple of little boo-boos he made).
this is wayne hard at work…
10.09.21 W making Invites1 10.09.21 W making Invites2
so wayne (just to let you know) we will be doing this AGAIN tonight…
have a SUPER ‘little saturday’ today!

shadows & blue sky

the weather is really strange at the moment.  it’s kind of cold in the mornings (you need to have a jacket on) and then during the day it gets stuffy & hot.  so that by the time we are on our way home from work; you have to walk with your jacket over the arm.  and it is getting dark early now as well.  meaning only one thing… WINTER IS HERE!  soon everyone will be ‘sniffing & sneezing’ on the underground.
10.09.21 shadows & sky
this photo was taken yesterday with my iphone.

wedding planning so far…

i hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend!
i want to SCREAM when the first thing out of EVERYONE’s mouth is (not just from family & friends but also from strangers):  “how’s the wedding plans going?” … aaaaghh what am i suppose to say? it’s horrible; i haven’t done anything… what…so my answer is normally:  good, slow, but we are getting there.
i get it that it makes it more difficult because i am (sorry, we are) planning this from the UK & getting married in south africa.  it is making it more of a challenge than if i was in sa.  but with everyone asking me (how it’s going) i’m getting MORE stressed out because it makes me think and feel that i am not doing ANYTHING.  SO i have decided to update you guys regularly from now on.
this weekend was quite productive we bought & ordered wayne’s wedding band & also his trousers (or pants for all the south africans) AND i also got my gorgeous veil.
wayne’s wedding band is from a swiss company (Furrer Jacot) – the metal is palladium – image below

the trousers we bought are grey (more charcoal colour) but i think it looks pretty amazing
10.09.19 Wayne's trousers 10.09.19 Wayne's trousers.i
here is my up-to-date wedding to-do list:
  1. Venue – booked
  2. Food – included with the venue; they are just waiting for my official numbers
  3. Wedding dress – ordered; going for my first dress fitting in november
  4. My wedding shoes – bought (was the first thing i bought)
  5. Veil – ordered & received
  6. Lingerie – i need to have this when i go for my first dress fitting
  7. Jewellery
  8. Garter (kousband)
  9. Wayne’s clothes – only have the trousers so far
  10. W:  shoes
  11. Bridesmaids dresses – sisters are sorting this out
  12. Wayne wedding band – ordered
  13. My wedding band
  14. Flowers
  15. Bouquet
  16. Boutonniere – for w & groomsmen
  17. Photographer – all booked & deposit paid
  18. Videographer
  19. Save the dates – all done & confirmed receipt
  20. Invites – i am CRAZY busy with this (invites will also include – the RSVP’s, maps & accommodation information)
  21. Programmes – i am working on this
  22. Hairdresser
  23. Manicure / Pedicure – my lovely sister will organise this for me
  24. Make-up
  25. Flights to SA for me & w – all done & booked
  26. Preacher (Dominee)
  27. Decorations – for venue & tables
  28. Ring pillow
  29. Accommodation
  30. Music / Entertainment
  31. Wedding cake – my sister again is organising this for me
  32. Cake topper – done
  33. Alcohol – busy organising this with the venue
  34. Guest book
  35. Confetti
WOW this is the looooong list of things to do when getting married!  i REALLY hope i didn’t forget anything.  the 2 MAJOR things that i need to look at and get DONE as soon as possible are the music & videographer.  the rest is ‘smaller’ things that can be done later on.  OH except the invites – that is the MOST important thing that needs to be done & finish this ASAP.
hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day & week!
today’s photo of the day is an old photo i found of wayne attempting to give my cat (strepies) a shower (i know it’s not a real cat (it’s a bagpuss…before you wonder about it).

cupcake, cupcake

woohoo it’s friday, the sun is shining (probably until it’s time for me to go home – but at least is shining), it’s friday (oh, i’ve already said that) and… i was really naughty and had a lovely cupcake for breakfast this morning. 
it’s not actually my fault, you see what happened was:  i got to the supermarket this morning to buy some salad for me for lunch & and right NEXT to the salads (ok fine, about 5 steps away from the salads) i saw this lovely mississippi mud cupcake just smiling (yes, smiling) at me.  at first i decided to walk right past it because i was ONLY there for salad & milk for the guys at work.  on my way to the till, i HAD to walk past the extremely tempted looking cupcake again.  and i just COULDN’T resist the temptation a second time around.  so needless to say – i had a very delicious, moist mississippi cupcake for breakfast! 
see, can you say NO to this:

{photo taken with iphone}

i must admit it was pretty amazing!
hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Friday & weekend!!

process of creating our invites

my evenings lately consists of wedding planning, invites & more invites & some more planning.  i have to get the invites out by the end of this month so i am CRAZY busy with it.
here is today’s photo of the day with me busy cutting, pasting & spitting (only joking) our invites together.

{photo taken with iphone}

autumn is here

i am really not looking forward to winter this year.  at least we won’t be here over the coldest part – we will be soaking up the sun & heat with the family.  (can’t WAIT for this!)
it is sunny today but you can feel autumn in the air – all the trees are turning brown now.  i must admit it is beautiful…
here is my autumn photo of the day…

{photo taken with iphone}

Daily photo

i decided to take a photo every day of something interesting or pretty.  i hope this will make me realise and notice all the beautiful things around me. 

today’s photo wasn’t taken today but i found it on my phone and would LOVE to share this with you all.

this was taken last weekend when we went out to find clothes for wayne to wear for the wedding.  i just LOVE his expression in this photo!  such a cutie!

have a wonderful week!

10.09.04 Wayne & bowtie

lovely london transport...

i know i should be grateful that we have transport here that is way more reliable than SA can EVER hope to have BUT if you had to be squashed in a train under someones stinky arm pits & horrible breath (and this is first thing in the morning - haven't these people heard of deodorant, toothbrush or even a shower); then GRATEFUL doesn't pop up in your mind as a word to use for the transport system. 
the london transport has a strike today (telling us it is for our own safety that they are doing this - oh please) for 24 hours; so there was no tubes this morning.  i had to walk for about 45min from the nearest train station to get to work.  luckily the trains (overground ones) was still working because my station (where we live) is not part of london transport.  if this wasn't working there will be NO WAY for me to get to work.

the only plus point about this was that i walked (though quite far) in an area i've never been before.  so i decided to make the most of this and take a couple of pictures.  so here you go...

some of the lovely buildings in london

loads of people walking (like me) and cycling to get to their jobs

another pretty building

hope everyone has a fabulous tuesday and week & hope i can get home tonight before 8pm!

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