our first bbq (braai for the SAFAS)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the first weekend we moved in, we asked willie (our lovely friend) to come over the weekend for a bbq.  we had so much fun & only went to bed after 3 the following morning.  since willie is a vegetarian we decided to braai corn sausages & for wayne some pork sausages.  we had this with fresh bread rolls & a huge salad.  the next morning we went for breakfast at our lovely 'the pantry' - it's an awesome breakfast place where everything is organic & they don't use oils or anything fatty.
first bbq
first bbq2
first bbq3
wayne was getting so tired by the end of the braai that he fell asleep with his mug of coffee in his hands.
hopefully our summer will last a bit longer this year than all the previous years so we can have some more bbq's with friends.

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