our dining room

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i know i am a day late in adding more photos on the blog, but last night we went to see the Oliver play at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.  it was so good, the kids in there was absolutely fantastic.  and the thing was that last night show was the SECOND time that we went to see Oliver in a weeks time.  i bought the tickets for wayne as a present & then for my birthday i got tickets from wayne for... Oliver.  so we decided to go to both of them since the seats weren't at the same place.  photo's of this will follow shortly.

in the meantime here is a few photos of our dining room.  there is no pictures on the walls yet (this will come later) and i still want to sand the table & add new oil on it.  but luckily not that much work left.


so until tomorrow then for more...

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