it's been awhile...

in the last week we found a new house for us to move into in july. click here to see the photos of our new place.  in july when we move in i will show you all some before & after photos (but the 'after' ones will take some time because we have to buy furniture and everything).

i also ordered & booked my wedding dress, booked the photographer & send out the save the dates.

wayne has been busy with work, went to valencia in spain (for work and not for holiday) & he got stuck there with the volcano things that happened.

the weather here was absolutely wonderful last weekend BUT this weekend (because it is long weekend);  the only thing we've seen was rain, rain and more rain.

* a few photos of us in Tunisia - last year

hope everyone has a FANTASTIC holiday!

happy bday to my little niece Katinka; i heard you had a fantastic bday party today.

wayne & his small collection of ducks

as you all know wayne LOVES rubber ducks, in any form or shape.
here is a couple of pics of a few of his collection.
actually it is getting a bit out of hand now....wayne we don't have space for this anymore :)
but in all fairness i am to blame as well - i have added quite a few rubber ducks to the collection too...

* it makes me love him even more though

natural history museum, butterfly world & more

a couple of weeks ago we went did the wonderful tourist thing & went to the Natural History Museum & the Science Museum here in London.

we had so much fun.  here is a couple of photos from that day.

charles darwin, the founder of the natural history museum

a lawnmower (in the science museum) from 1832
wayne trying to be a butterfly & our favourite bar in richmond (on a sunny, busy day)
entrance to butterfly world at natural history museum and the butterflies was very friendly.
wayne with the one of the very first Ford cars
my little dream car, only 3 wheels & doesn't have a door - the front opens up for you to get in.
F1 car in the science museum (upside down)
on a 'warm' day in london

watching cricket in the park
spring flowers

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