wayne & old trafford

a while ago wayne went to old trafford in manchester for a soccer / football game.
he had such a fantastic time that, that was all he could talk about for weeks afterwards.

here is the photos...

Happy birthday Tayla!!

today is wayne's little niece, Tayla's, 5th birthday.  can't believe that she is already 5 years old.  it only feels like yesterday that wayne went home to be there for her birth.

we wish her a wonderful day & year!!


our christmas

2009 we spend with our wonderful friend willie.
we got so so so spoilt! and we had the most fabulous food!!  greenwich is such a lovely area.
here is a few photos of our time...

because we spent christmas with willie; we had a little time on the 23rd to do something personal to open presents from friends; here is a couple of photos...

hope everyone had a FANTASTIC time!!!
we missed you all so so much!!

click on photos to view them better

our weekend in the cold

i started my saturday with baking chocolate muffins for breakfast & then we went to covent garden to listen to the carollers in trafalgar square & look at all the christmas lights.
we had gingerbread latte's & cupcakes.
today wayne had to work so i decided to bake some vanilla cupcakes with coffee butter icing.  i was testing to see what i will be baking for christmas this year.  we will be spending christmas with willie in greenwich.  going to be so much fun.
hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend & having a GREAT week!!!


wayne with the cap karlien gave him; doesn't he look cool & warm; even if he thinks he looks like a 'numpty'


it's chrismas time, mistletoe & wine...

here is a few pictures of all the christmas lights in the area around my work.

these 2 photos are from marylebone high street (just around the corner from my work):

this from oxford street & regent street:

this from no 5 cavendish square (this photo is for you andre):

and then the moon with christmas lights at the langham hotel in regent street:

i LOVE christmas!!


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