!!!!30 in london!!!!!

i should actually say it again; it was 30 degrees in london today!!!!!
can you believe it - it was so wonderfully hot!!
it's just sad that it will only last for 1 day - from tomorrow & the weekend we will have rain again.
the weekend we didn't do much. we went to see 'inglourious basterds' the new quentin tarantino movie. it was excellent!! we really enjoyed it. it's a bit graphic but all quentin's movies are like that. i would really suggest you all to go and watch it.
the photo is of people 'tanning' and enjoying the sun in a london park where i had my lunch this afternoon.
enjoy the last bit of the week!!

beautiful day

today is one of those days where it is so BEAUTIFUL outside and i'm sitting at my desk trying to do some work. and you just KNOW that tomorrow when it is possible to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful weather (that doesn't happen very often here in london) it's gonna RAIN.
i find myself staring out the window at the wonderful sunny weather and i don't want to concentrate on work and responsibilities and duties. i'm just wishing that i don't HAVE to be here today, working.
the more i think about it the more i WISH i had some kind of talent to be able to do something that i really LOVE and ENJOY. don't get me wrong i'm not UNHAPPY in my job but i can't see myself staying here or doing this for the rest of my life. but in the same sense don't ask me WHAT i want to do for the rest of my life...
so on this BEAUTIFUL sunny day in london... all i can say is:
happy friday, go and do something beautiful today.
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i'm going to OVERLOAD you ALL with photos of our day in brussels.
i couldn't make up my mind which photos i like the most to show you all - so i picked these photos.
it was a LOVELY city - full of old buildings.
everywhere in the city you can hire bicycles.

wayne is playing peek-a-boo behind a peter pan statue

wayne playing around with his camera

i had mussels (famous in belgium) for lunch & wayne had a pizza

cobble stone everywhere

the peter pan statue - a replica of the one in hyde park (in london)

trams everywhere in the city

inside of a church

wayne posing in front of a very scary looking lion

angel on a pillar

manneken pis (middle & right) only 30cm high (all the hype over THIS little statue)
and jeanneken pis (left) the female version (just look at her totally satisfied expression)

tired feet after a looong day of walking and exploring

we had so much fun!!

here's to happiness

wayne's lists of 10 things that make him happy:

1. seeing steph smile
2. getting a phone call from my mom & dad
3. idea of getting on a plane & knowing i'm on my way to south africa
4. playing with my remote control cars
5. eating biltong
6. watching moto GP & F1
7. when i leave work at 5.30pm
8. waking up knowing i don't need to be at work today
9. getting another duck for my rubber duck collection
10. knowing i make steph happy

sunset in wandsworth park

on our way to the park

lovely in the park

enjoying my glass of wine

the sunset (with dark clouds)

wandsworth park

we went to wandsworth park for sunset & a glass of wine

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