i'm back...

from holiday in south africa. can't believe it's over.
i was so so busy, but i wont change it for anything.
i LOVED spending time with family & little niece.
i will add the pictures soon...

only in london...

do you have to squeeze yourself onto an already FULL train; 
do the tube workers have a 48 hours strike (and we are the only one's suffering);
everybody leaves work earlier - to be able to catch the last train;
you have to RUN at 6pm to a train, that will be the last train to your destination (normally last train is around midnight);
AND on top of it ALL: 
it is going to take me more than 2 hours on the bus tomorrow to get to work 
AND the same for thursday!!!

photo of a very FULL tube

weekend & more

the weather was horrible this weekend (real british weather).
6 more sleepies and i will be on my way to grobbies.  and for
that reason, i had to buy a suitcase AGAIN.  since the airlines keep
on breaking my suitcases (i've bought i new one every year for the last
3 years).  at least i found one - even if it looks like it is 'camouflaged'.

i am VERY excited for going home and see the family and of course little katinka (she is so cute - see below)
wayne even feels a bit 'sad' that i will be away for 2 weeks.

i know this is going to be a loooooong & busy week, but after that...
i'm HOME!!! 

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