looong weekend...

Monday, May 25, 2009

it was wonderful to get an extra day to relax and enjoy this weekend.  
wayne had to work on sunday but on saturday we went to sloane square, here in london.
sloane square and area is a very fashionable and upmarket district in london.  
we had so much fun walking around - even if we only did some window shopping.
the pictures above are:  
i bought wayne a little gift:  it's a little egg holder; then my little dream car (wayne said that he can see me driving around in this little car); our lunch in sloane square:  wayne had a burger and i had salad (bought this in die sloane square market); upmarket houses in a court yard; i'm getting attacked by a yellow oven glove; next photo:  i'm standing on chelsea bridge (over the thames); battersea tower; wayne drinking a milkshake; the sloane square market & the last photo is the 2 of us on the bus back to the flat.

we had a wonderful weekend, hope the same for everyone.  now the next long weekend is only in august....

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