my baby's 3rd birthday!

Monday, June 29, 2015

it's just insane to think that my little man Riley turned 3! how is this even happening! and so quickly!

at age 3:  riley's favourite colour is still purple; if he wants to get your attention, he will either put his face right in front of yours or turn your head towards him; he is actually great at sharing for his age EXCEPT for droewors (he DOESN'T share that with anyone); loves his 'fwiends' especially girl friends; his favourite book is: "the three little piggies" which he has memorised.  singing (mainly making up his own songs), diggers, oupa's car, trains, making a mess and anything with water.  he'll come up and hug and kiss me and his dad spontaneously throughout the day, i am not complaining about this one.  i love listening to you talk, especially when you are telling stories.  he call his dad: "MY dad" where i am just "mamma".  he is just the best.

a few photos from his big day ...

when he woke up his first words was: "Oooh wow, mamma look at all these balloons!".  we blew up about a 100 balloons for his room, last year we filled his tent with balloons and the year before his cot. 

we had cake for breakfast, your birthday is only once a year! he loved blowing out the candles and got a bit shy when we sang him the birthday song.

every year i make him a little crown for his birthday.  (see photos on the bottom for 1 and 2).

after opening up all his presents we decided to go for a little walk and boat trip to kingston.  we decided to have a relaxing day since he had a little 'party' with friends at Peppa Pig's World the sunday before his birthday (photo's will follow).

here is a few photos of the walk & boat trip...

he was so tired afterwards that his daddy had to carry him around, isn't it the cutest ....


here is a photo of 1 year old, 2 year old & 3 year old.

happy 3rd birthday my love!!!

ps. riley's first birthday HERE and HERE, his cake smashing HERE and HERE, day he was born HERE and his second birthday HERE and HERE.

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