this little 2.7 year old

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

i can't believe that this little man has been part of our lives for the last 2 years and 7 months.

here are a few of the things he says that makes everyday full of laughter and joy:

* he thinks hiccups are the coolest thing ever, and constantly 'make' himself start hiccupping
* the other day we came home from a long day out and about, he walked into the house and told me to come and sit on the sofa:  "sit mamma, lay back on sofa".
* he doesn't say no, he says 'naaaaaa'
* he likes saying 'depossible' (impossible) when he can't get something right
* when he sees something that he likes, he always says: "look mamma, it's beautiful"
* when he enjoys his food, he will clearly say that it is 'delishiosh' (delicious)
* he loves putting lip balm on his lips and calls it 'lippe' (afrikaans for lips)
* he is getting so good at constructing sentences and the things he says is just to funny
* his favourite game on daddy's iPad is Mickey Mouse 'kakums' (clubhouse)
* he says 'i love you stukkend' when i say 'i love you stukke, stukke' (that is like saying love you loads and loads and 'stukkend' means broken)
* these last couple of evenings riley uses his 'riley piepie' (potty) and then jumps up and yell, arms in the air, "i did it, i did it!!!".  we are not potty training him yet, but he successfully uses the potty every night before he gets into the bath.

{photo: our monthly tradition, a milkshake}

a few facts:
♥  weight: 13.2kg
♥  height: 95cm
♥  favourite colour:  purple
♥  favourite toy: elmo (for night time sleeping), drakie (dragon - for day time napping)
♥  favourite food: 'cucummer'  (cucumber)
♥  he still loves dinosaurs and spiderman
♥  favourite drink: water but loves his monthly milkshake
♥  favourite program:  still Curious George & now also Peppa Pig (and the surprise eggs videos on YouTube)

♥ this little man xxx

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