we started our weekend with fireworks & ended in covent garden

Monday, November 04, 2013

it was my lovely sister, janine's, bday on saturday and we started it with a bang on friday with the annual fireworks display at bishop's park.  this was the 408th anniversary of the famous gunpowder plot (guy fawkes) and this year the fireworks is set to music selected for a super heroes theme.  it was great! we had so much fun even riley loved it.  it started with a display for the children and then they had the themed main show about half an hour later.  there was a funfair, theme park rides and food available.

during the main event, riley wanted to watch minions.  so he sat in his pram with his earphones on, all nice and warm.

the funniest thing happened on our bus ride back:  he fell asleep and during the bus ride he some how wormed his way out of his straps and sat up.  when he sat up he saw himself in the window on the bus and that smile, it was just so awesome! he looked super proud of himself.  it made everyone on the bus burst out laughing! how could i be mad at that little face...

on saturday we went to kensington palace and gardens and walked around there.  all the autumn leaves was just so beautiful.

and then on sunday we went walking around covent garden and looked at all the christmas decorations that are already out.

we had such a fun weekend and hope Janine had a great birthday weekend! 

have a fantastic monday!

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