wobbles–the terrible 2’s

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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i know he isn’t 2 yet but apparently start the terrible 2’s around 15 months of age.  riley is going through this at the moment like i said in this post about the wobbles.  it is getting a lot better, even with the swimming – he is actually sticking his hands now out to go to the swimming instructor (where he refused to go to her before).  we still have a few wobbles with certain activities in the pool but it is going so much better. 

when this started i could see that he was getting frustrated because he couldn’t express himself – i decided to start teaching him baby sign language.  it is going so well and he is taking to it like a champ.  he can do the eat, more, sleep, bath, milk, drink, diaper, brushing teeth, all done and book signs and we are working on the cat, hurt, happy, cereal, bus and i love you signs.  he loves doing them and i can see what a huge difference this is making with him.  i actually wish i started earlier with this. 

even going through all these big changes in his life (walking and becoming more independent) he is such a happy and content little boy.  on saturday he went to a birthday party.  he LOVED it!! it was held at a soft play area.  this was his first time at one and i was so scared that he will be frightened to try all the things, but he wasn’t at all.  he couldn’t wait to run up the slide and jump into the ball pit, even if he just woke up from his afternoon nap.  we had our hands full, since we had to run after him the whole time and squeeze through little holes while he was exploring it all.  we were so proud of him.  after playing, it was time for some lunch and he was excited and couldn't wait to tuck in.  when we exchanged the chair he was sitting on for a highchair (he was going to fall through the other chair), he got so upset thinking we are taking him away from the table that he started crying.  as soon as he realized he can actually see on the table and reach everything easier, he rewarded us with a huge smile.

this little man makes our hearts swell with pride and love. even if the ‘terrible 2’s’ or wobbles isn’t easy sometimes, i love going through it with our little boy, knowing that this is what is shaping his personality. 

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