happy halloween... pumpkin crafting

Thursday, October 31, 2013

we started (after the pumpkin picking on sunday) our halloween celebrations with pumpkin crafting.  this was riley's first pumpkin crafting and he LOVED it!

last year he was only 4 months old and fell asleep quite early.  this year he will hopefully be able to take part a little bit more.  today we will go to fulham for their annual halloween fair, and hopefully riley will have loads of fun.  tonight we will take riley to a few houses for trick or treating and will also hand out candy to the trick or treaters coming to our house.

here is the photos of riley's first pumpkin crafting.

riley took the task of pumpkin crafting very serious:

it takes a lot of concentration (just look at that hand) to hollow out a pumpkin
he loved playing with the guts of the pumpkins but when he noticed that his hands are full of orange goo and wanted me to clean it asap (this little man sure hates dirty hands)

 our 3 pumpkins:
 feeding some pumpkin to dad - after he had spoons full himself

this little one had so much fun and we can't wait to do this again next year.

have a great halloween everyone!

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