little mister surprised us with walking a few steps

Monday, September 02, 2013

our little man surprised us with taking his first few steps on saturday.  it was so cute, with stiff zombie arms and wobbly legs he took 2 steps at first and when he noticed that we were all cheering him on, he kept on trying (and clapping his hands) until he did around 5 steps.  this mister sure likes the attention, he took his first steps at a wedding (we had such a lovely time at the wedding, so will post more photos of this later) while everyone was standing outside.  it sure tired him out because when it got to 8 o’clock he was struggling to keep his eyes open.  it was the walking or even the playing on the bouncy castle that made him so tired (he couldn’t get enough of the bouncy castle).  he even slept for most of sunday.


i am actually so glad this happened when it did, since i had my camera in my hand – so i was ready to snap this adorable photo.  now all we need is to make a little video clip of him walking, but he refused to walk on sunday (like i said he wants the attention and people cheering him on).

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