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Monday, May 20, 2013

i have loads and loads of instagram photos on my phone and i've been looking for a company that can print these for me for a while now.  i have created a book last year through blurb but i really wanted to print some of my favourite instagram photos.  i found this company, Firebox, that can print my instagram photos to look like polaroid photos.  and i love it!    even the little box you get your photos in has copies of my instagram prints on.  

so i made an empty white spot (under the stairs) in a fun reminder of all my favourite photos.  

i had so much fun in creating that space, that i took my collection of photo frames and created a wall with family photos that look so colourful and just awesome!  

i catch myself constantly standing at both of these spots to look at all the photos and it always makes me smile!  

i would really recommend Firebox if you want to print your instagram photos.  the quality is superb and i just loved the little personal touches.  can't wait to print the next batch - i just need to find an empty wall.

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  1. ooohhh, that looks amazing... can't wait to see it for myself when i come to visit ;)


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