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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

sorry for the overload, but i've not done this in awhile and i had to catch-up.

the top photo is my favourite photo of my boys.
riley is also starting to stand on his own - so i don't think walking is too far off.
at the moment riley's favourite food are blueberries and cheese.  he will eat anything actually, but if you put blueberries or cheese infront of him he will eat it in the blink of an eye.  
this last week we had to wear hats & jackets again - let's hope the warmer weather will be here soon.  
riley also LOVES the park - the slide and the swings are his favourite.  

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  1. he is beautiful, I love that first photo of him and Wayne as well!
    i can't wait for my visit!! i'm super excited!
    love you always, not too long though!



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