Wednesday, August 08, 2012

hope you all had a great weekend and that the south africans enjoyed their 'snow day' yesterday.  our weekend was great but pretty uneventful.  on saturday we went to movies to watch the new batman movie.  riley was a little trooper and slept through the whole movie with his little earphones on.  for the rest of the day we just watched the olympics.  on sunday we had a wonderful visit from wayne's cousin - riley just loved her.

our little boy is getting so big now and starting to make little noises for everything.  he makes little noises when he is yawning, makes little wolf noises when he is unhappy about something, makes little chipmunk noises when i move him from my arms to his moses basket when he is sleeping, and when he is feeding he makes the cutest cooing noises.

have a great week!

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  1. its amazing how quickly they grow. Leaving for work this morning I noticed the changes in him... the little fat legs , the fullness in his tiny face, the little giggles and those smiles. Im looking forward to taking you to the park and playing "catch" with you but I dont want to wish this special time away from you Riley. You are a fantastic little boy and I hope those smiles get wider and those giggles get louder. Seeing you stare at your mom the way you do.. BOY the love is awesome, I know my chance will come but For me, seeing you happy and healthy thats all that matters.

    Love you "Both"


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