life of riley: mommy wakes me up, but i'm so tired

Thursday, August 16, 2012

♥  i'm almost 7 weeks old and mom & dad keep on telling me that i'm getting cuter by the day (so it must be true).

♥  i love to sit and relax in my 'bobby pillow' (thank you aunty Elana).  my smiles are more frequent now especially if my mommy & daddy are silly, sing to me, tell me stories & if they pull faces at me.  

♥  i love to mimic my mom & dads facial expressions

♥  i've started to notice the things in my room - like this awesome hot air balloon mobile my mom made me.

♥  this is still a bit strange for me but i had my first 'food' from my dad - and i loved it.  i also bath now with my dad.  i just love to bath - wish i could stay in the water forever (the other day i almost fell asleep in there).

♥  i love 'talking' to my mom & dad especially after a good sleep & some food.

♥  my mom got me the coolest black & white books - i just adore them & can't get enough of them.

♥  my mommy says that i'm getting so big now that i won't be able to fit in my tiny hippo or superman clothes anymore (i'm just wondering who will safe the world now??) ;)

♥  my mommy got me a blue dummy & it's not my favourite thing to put in my mouth but i will try it out just for my mommy.  

♥  my daddy got into so much trouble when my mommy saw my face here - dad should have told me that he ate chocolate in secret in bed, i would have tried not to put my face in the chocolate dad spilled on his chest.

until next time...

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  1. Just to beautiful
    cant believe how big he is getting.

    Giving him milk was very special, I can feel our bond developing. It scares me that everytime I come home from work that he has changed so much

    Please dont grow up to quickly young Riley
    lots of love

  2. Baie mooi fotos. Lief vir jou Riley xxx


  3. awww, he's gorgeous!!
    I miss you guys so much, can't wait to see little Riley :)


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