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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sorry for the overload of photos - but i couldn't decide which photos to use and which not.

here is a day by day 'life of Riley' account of the last 2 & half weeks of his life:
28 June:  mommy's contractions started at 2am
29 June:  i'm born at 8:31pm (stay in a private room with mommy & daddy)
30 June:  me and mommy got moved to general ward
1 July:  discharged at around 6pm - uncle Henning & aunty Jolene came to pick us up
2 July:  midwife came for a house visit to check up on me & Mommy
3 July:  my umbilical cord fell off
4 July:  i showed daddy how it's done by peeing on mommy & daddy for the very first time.  midwife appointment at Lavender centre.  weight:  3.4kg (only lost 60g since birth).  i'm 5 days old.  this was also the first time we went outside & i got to be in my stokke baby carrier.
8 July:  farted in moms face & dad was so proud & he couldn't stop laughing; then i peed on my dad.
9 July:  i had my first bath in the sink & HATED it.  i cried so hard & was so sad that i had my mom in tears.
10 July:  mom & dad tried the bath thing again - this time in the room in my plastic bath & this time i LOVED it
11 July:  we went for a walk into town & while mom & dad had a coffee at cafe nero - i had some food (breastfed for the first time in public).  went for another midwife appointment, now my weight is 3.8kg.  i love my mommy's milk.
12 July:  made a video for aunty heleen in SA - for her birthday.  went for my first bus trip (we waited so long for a bus, about 45min) and my first time in my 'ferrari' (stokke pram).  we took the bus to wandsworth register office to register my birth.  as a little treat & to celebrate, we had dinner at Spur.  on our way back home i started to cry so mommy picked me up and i charmed all the people on the bus.
13 July:  made another birthday video but this time for aunty karlien.  went for my first train trip to wimbledon.  slept while mom & dad walked around.  but made sure they remembered that i'm the important one by exercising my vocals on our way back.
14 July:  uncle Henning, aunty Jolene, aunty Natalie & Zoe & Lily came for a visit
15 July:  uncle Gary, aunty Jacqui & Maddy came for a visit
16 July:  just me and mom at home today.  dad went back to work.  i decided to be a good boy since i noticed that mom was a bit sad all day.
17 July:  i wanted to show mom & dad that they should be lucky that i'm most of the time a good boy and i did this by being really difficult last night, refusing to sleep (calmed down around 3am) & all i want to do is eat, eat and eat some more.  mom thinks it was me having a growth spurt.

this weekend is wayne's birthday - let's hope the weather is great (even if it's overcast - just no rain), so that we can go to the park or go somewhere at least.

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  1. Hallo sus. Is mal oor Riley se dagboek en hy is net te pragtig. Baie lief vir julle. Heleen


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