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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

we are so blessed that we got money for our wedding.  we decided to use the money we got from my new mom & dad to buy a few things for our house.  we haven’t done anything really at the place since we moved in last year, because of the wedding & also the break-in.
SO on saturday morning we borrowed wayne’s van from work & set off to ikea with a list of things to buy.
11.02.05 On our waythis is us on our way in the van (and i tried something new with my hair – the reason for the photo).
breakfast at ikea… so cheap, so cheap (and tasty of course)
11.02.05 Breakfast(notice hubby’s chin – that’s how much he enjoyed it)
we spend our WHOLE saturday at ikea.  we only got back at around 6pm. they are so clever – there is no windows in the place, so you have NO concept of time.  but in anyway… 3 trolleys later, this is what we ended up with…
11.02.05 All the Stuff
now comes the daunting task of building and organising all the stuff & make our house feel like a HOME
11.02.05 Unpacking
at least the lounge is almost done… (just need some pictures on the walls)
11.02.05 Loungei LOVE the lamp!!!

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  1. holy begeeszzz sis, are you sure you didn't buy the whole place??
    Love the lamp by the way!! it's adorable... can only guess how much Wayne enjoyed this trip!? :) haha!! the living room looks beautiful... ;) really captured your style.. love you sis, and enjoy the new stuff... :)


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