my first post for 2010

Saturday, January 09, 2010

i can't believe that it is already 2010.  sorry for my absence and only doing a post for 2010 now.
i wanted to put some pictures of new year on the here BUT in the early hours of new years day i dropped and broke the camera with all our photos on (it is wayne's camera - and that made it even worse).
what happended was.....
we decided to go to a restaurant in covent garden (not too far from trafalgar square) and this being the first year that we are in london for new year (we spend our previous new years in SA with family & friends)- we were kind of STUPID.  we left around 9pm thinking that we will miss all the crazy people in the streets.  but NO there was MILLIONS of them EVERYWHERE; standing in the cold, blocking our way, waiting for the fireworks (at 12).  normally the walk will take us around 15min - it took us an hour.  luckily we left early otherwise we would have been late for our booking.
the food and restaurant was so lovely. we even got champagne & chocolates at midnight.
THEN came the journey back....
it took us 2 hours to WALK to the next available station for us to get on a bus & then get to the flat. we only got to the flat around 3.30am.  it was in the walking part that i broke wayne's camera.  he was very nice about it & didn't even think anything of it - i on the other hand was in tears the rest of the way (that is probably why he was so calm and nice about it).
for  this reason i haven't been able to put ANY new years or some of our christmas photos on here, hopefully the memory card will still work when he gets a new camera. (memory card doesn't work on my camera).

in other news....
we are back at work;
it is SNOWING here - even in london;



i can eventually start to talk about wedding stuff with wayne (he said that he wants to enjoy being engaged first - without any pressure of wedding stuff).
so his resting period is over now & from now on i will probably start mentioning wedding stuff more.

we are both going home in feb - to find a venue & finalise the date.  then i can start planning and planning and drive everyone INSANE.

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  1. Yay! can't wait for you to come visit... I'm missing you tons! It's beautiful photo's sis. Love you


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