Monday, August 10, 2009

i'm going to OVERLOAD you ALL with photos of our day in brussels.
i couldn't make up my mind which photos i like the most to show you all - so i picked these photos.
it was a LOVELY city - full of old buildings.
everywhere in the city you can hire bicycles.

wayne is playing peek-a-boo behind a peter pan statue

wayne playing around with his camera

i had mussels (famous in belgium) for lunch & wayne had a pizza

cobble stone everywhere

the peter pan statue - a replica of the one in hyde park (in london)

trams everywhere in the city

inside of a church

wayne posing in front of a very scary looking lion

angel on a pillar

manneken pis (middle & right) only 30cm high (all the hype over THIS little statue)
and jeanneken pis (left) the female version (just look at her totally satisfied expression)

tired feet after a looong day of walking and exploring

we had so much fun!!

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  1. beautiful photo's! :)
    It's so pretty there... wish I was there as well... :) hope you had a wonderful day... :)
    I miss you ... :)


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