another hot and wonderful day in london

Thursday, July 02, 2009

today is another hot day in london; but i’m not going to complain about it – i am scared that this will be the ONLY hot days we get for this summer.
all the newspapers have headings like:

Hottest Day Of The Year In Britain Predicted


Weather forecasters are predicting the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures in London hitting up to 33C

but like i said i’m not complaining about it at all. the only thing that is bothering me is that you also get headings like:

Police Dogs Die In Car As Temp Hits 29C

and the thing is they died in the police car parked outside police headquarters.

Here’s a couple of photo’s of people in the parks and also spectators at the wimbledon tennis enjoying the sun & summer. (it’s just ironic that this year they have a roof over wimbledon to keep the rain out!).
enjoy the heat!!

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