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Monday, September 08, 2014

we love walking around our neighbourhood.  riley can't wait for our little walk after dinner, and runs to the door to grab his hat, backpack & shoes (and sometimes even his umbrella).  he refuses to leave the house without these things.

 this awesome photo of wayne was taken by riley on one of our walks.

 lovely huge houses

 this was taken in 'bushy park', right next to a kiddies play area.
 i am so sad that autumn is now here, summer was over just way too quickly for me.

 my silly little boy

 daddy & riley on a visit to the hampton palace grounds while mommy is at work

 we found some pumpkins in someone's garden, they planted them for the kids to decorate for halloween.  riley couldn't get enough and can't wait to go and play 'knock-knock' on the pumpkin (pumpa)

 walking around with uncle Sam (sass)

 he found slugs, snails and ants in the gardens and keep on calling them to come out (slugs, we er are ya).  i just love that little face when he finds one (pure excitement).

 taking a walk in all the things he chose to wear.  that includes the jacket, wellie boots, very warm hat and umbrella (even if it wasn't raining and actually a nice and warm day).

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