24 month list about riley

Monday, July 14, 2014

i only noticed now that i never gave a little list this month about this little mister.
so here it goes:

♥ weights - 12kg (13kg at 20 months)
♥ heights - 90cm (86cm at 20 months)
♥ new word - riley (he pronounce it so weird but you can understand what he is trying to say)
♥ he loves tidying up and is the first one to help packing everything away at football.
♥ we are currently working on colours, it is a bit of a struggle but his favourite colour is purple.  
♥ i loves how clear he is saying 'mamma' at the moment.  he is even starting to shout it out to me now, especially in the mornings when he wakes up.  
♥ still LOVES dinosaurs - that's the reason for his dino party.  and Curious George of cause. 
♥ he is trying hard to put 2 words together for example:  'riley eat' or 'mamma downstairs'. 
♥ he talks a lot, like constantly (this is probably my fault).  he talks and he talks and he talks and he talks and he taaaaaaaalks.  i understand maaaaybe around 30% of it but a lot of it is either in english, afrikaans or baby sign language or even just baby babble.  talking with him is so good, that's why i say its probably my fault, i talk to him constantly.
♥ he is suddenly shy around people.  not real shy, but fake shy, dramatic shy, with tightly shut eyes and hands over the eyes and a 'nope!' when people look at him when he's not in the mood to be seen.
♥ he loves his daddy most except for the hours between 8pm and 8am, in which it is strictly mamma time only.  no dad, just ma-ma.  if feels good, and also it's exhausting.
♥ he still loves giving hugs and kisses
♥ he hates getting his hair washed
♥ his favourite books at the moment:  'goodnight moon' and 'tappity tap! what was that?'
♥ his favourite food: dinosaur dried fruit.  he isn't that fussy with food, he actually likes food, it's just rice that he really doesn't like.  i hope the not fussy with food is going to stay.
♥ he says thank you (almost every time) and is also quick to say sorry - even if it wasn't his fault
♥ he has blondish very straight hair - that needs a cut now.  i'm not ready to do this yet, but his hair is.
♥ his signature move:  at the moment to cross his arms.  it is so cute and i ask him hundred of times a day to do it for me
♥motherhood right now for me is: tiring (i wish the last of his canine teeth is out, seriously), challenging and loads of fun with a 2 year old little man.

{photos taken at his cake smash on his birthday - the last one you can see how shy he is getting when we started singing to him}.

have a great week!!

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