playing in sand

Monday, April 28, 2014

last week we took a bus to putney to go and walk around in bishop's park.  this is such a pretty and very old park (opened in 1893).  the park has the best kids area, that includes:  a huge sandpit, water play areas, toddler playground and even play area & ramps for skateboards & scooters.  riley had such a great time and even when the rain started, he didn't want to leave.

this little man is a bit funny with things on his hands and feet, so he was cleaning his feet and hands when he got into the sandpit.  luckily he gave up after about 10min.  wonder how he will be at the beach...
this is the lake and huge sandpit.
i love this little face.
he had an amazing time (there was sand everywhere).
he loved watching his dad and got super excited when the sandcastles came out 
we didn't know that the sandpit was ready to be played in, so we didn't bring any buckets or sand toys.  that's why he is playing with one of his drinking glasses.  

after a picnic lunch & riley fell asleep, we walked through wandsworth park to get the bus home.  wandsworh park was so pretty and green, can't wait for warmer weather to go and walk through there again.
we had a great day and all i can say is:  come on summer!!!

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