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Monday, February 10, 2014

this little 19 month old mister:
♥ weights - 12kg (10kg at 12 months)
♥ heights - 86cm (78cm at 12 months)
♥ says - draw (new word), blue, popcorn, dad, ma, oupa (grandpa in afrikaans), apple, thank you, please, boob, kaboof! (when he or a toy falls down), kadiesh! (when we play fight), da (goodbye), 
♥ baby signs - red (new sign), dad, please, more, eat, drink, water, swim, bus, train, bath, milk, sleep, diapy change, teddy bear, outside, blue, teddie bear, hat, yes & no
♥ sounds of - sheep (new sound), cow, horse, fish, elephant, bee, snake, dog, cat, lion, dinosaur, duck, monkey, owl, pig, chicken & frog
♥ he can point to - his (& our) nose, his (& our) eyes, his (& our) ears, his (& our) skroefie (bellybutton), feet, toes, head, hands, fingers and knee
♥ loves - books, playing with his dinosaur, playing with his dad, talking on the phone, curious george, climbing on everything he sees, giving mommy & daddy pluto's, he loves to clean especially using the little hand hoover, he also love open and closing bottles (the twist & turn kind) and he loves to laugh at things he finds funny (like his little friends or even curious george).
♥ milestones - independent: if he sees me eating food with a fork, he wants to do the same (and he is not too bad at it), if i eat a sandwich, he wants to eat it the same way i do, can keep himself busy with small things (that's normally not his toys), like stuffing pom-poms in a hole in the sofa or ripping paper in tiny pieces and then putting them into a bowl (or any other hole he can find).  he also understands us so well even if we talk to him in english or afrikaans.

i love this age he is at now - everything is such a challenge but it's great!

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