16 month old riley

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

age: 16 months
clothes: wearing size 9-12 months mostly, but some of the tops are getting a bit short and tight so he is starting to wear 12-18 month old tops.
favourite foods:  his new favourites are pretzels and apples; he still loves cheese, bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, yoghurt, droe wors and dried fruit.
favourite words:  dad, train, nana (for minions, because of their banana song), aaaarggghhh (for the jurassic park game on the ipad),
favourite sounds:  aaaarggghhh (for lion and dinosaur), kwak-kwak (for duck), meouw (for cat), bzzzz (for bee), ssssss (for snake), prrrrrr (for elephant), bwooo (for dog),  hoe-hoe (for owl), oe oe oe (for monkey).
favourite baby signs (language):  more, eat and drink
favourite time of the day:  bath time (actually his whole sleep routine). he gets so excited when we say bath time that he (almost) jumps of the coach, while signing bath time and running out the door and up the stairs.  we have to hurry to catch up to him and make him come back to say goodnight.
favourite songs:   bananas of the world and head, shoulders, knees and toes.
favourite activities:  making a mess, doing summersaults, reading, watching curious george, climbing on everything, the library, running around, playing hide and seek (under the tables), getting chased around the house and hiding around the corner to frighten us (this is something new he is doing and super cute, especially since he giggles until we turn towards him).
least favourite activities:  dirty hands
mommy loves:  his curiosity, his willingness to try anything, his facial expressions, at sleeping time when he puts his little arm around my neck and tickles my neck until he falls asleep and his lion noise.
daddy loves:  the way he reads his books, he hugs and plays with his ladybug, that he pees in the bath every time he gets in and his lion noise.
other milestones:  he can fully understand sentences and things that we say.  it just Blows.My.Mind. when i say:  "go and show daddy the little monkey".  he will run to his dad and even show him the monkey.

he sleeps like a champ: from 8:30pm until 8am with one 1-2 hour nap in the middle of the day.
he knows where his nose, ears and hat (on his head) is.  such a genius!
he is the cutest little mr and stole our (and nina's) hearts completely!

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