hi you! happy weekend!

oh my, my little mister is getting so big.  photo on the left taken on our holiday in south africa (mr was around 6 months old) and photo on the right taken a couple of days ago.

this little man is cracking me up these days.

the faces!! and constant chatter!!

the obsession with climbing on the sofas, water (swimming & drinking it), his dummy (only in his pram), ice lollies, packing & unpacking (we are finding things stuffed in any open bag or holder he can find), milkshake, rice cakes and books (he can't get enough of them and wants us to constantly read to him).

and his kissy face is the cutest EVER!

and don't forget the 4 teeth smiles!

basically, i just can't get enough.

have a lovely weekend!

we don't have too much on our agenda besides starting to celebrate my birthday (even if it is only on monday)!

natural history museum, science museum & butterfly exhibition

last week we decided to have a museum day and we went to the natural history museum, butterfly exhibition (we went to the previous one they had, see here) and the science museum.  i love visiting these museums!

riley had a little nap when we got there but was WIDE awake and very curious about everything around him.  the only thing he hated was the T-Rex that was moving around and growling.  he absolutely LOVED the butterfly exhibition and he was staring at all the different butterflies and so wanted to touch them.

we had a quick walk through the science museum (we ran out of time – and will have to go back) before we went home.  my favourite exhibition in the science museum is the making the modern world exhibition.  they have cars, bicycles, electronic stuff and everything you can think of from 1750 until 2000. the exploring space exhibition is also very interesting. this have a real astronaut suit (worn by the first british woman in space) and even a full-sized replica of ‘Eagle’ – the lander that took astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin to the Moon in 1969.

we can’t wait to go back!


below is a 1840 glass (hand blown) baby bottle and 2 old test dummies.NHM_babybottle&testdummiesCollageNHM_ButterflyCollageNHM_InsideCollageNHM_Nina&Steph_CollageNHM_NinaHatsCollageNHM_OutsideCollageNHM_RileyFunInPram_CollageNHM_WindowsCollageP1050968SM_carsCollage

wayne’s birthday weekend

we started wayne’s ‘birthday weekend’ on friday with a date night.


we had an awesome dinner at spur and then went to watch man of steel. (loved the movie). it was so great spending a meal together just the two of us.

saturday we all had a super relaxing day at home with a barbeque (braai) in the evening.  we so needed this relaxing day at home.

Gifts_CollageBowl&Mug_CollageCards_Collage{wayne’s bday cards and presents.  i painted a mug and bowl for him as a present.  the bowl has riley’s thumb prints on (this was not an easy task)}.

sunday (wayne’s actual birthday) after breakfast {blueberrie & banana pancakes} and opening presents, we spent the day in Richmond – we LOVE it there and we’ve been there millions of times. {see here and here}.


we had such a great sunny and hot day and loved spending it in richmond and as a family together.

we had an almost 1 month old last year with our birthdays so no photos but here is wayne birthday in 2011 and 2010.

happy, happy birthday wayne!

{in cape town at the beginning of this year}

{trying to take a family photo in june'13}

{wayne 'photo-bombing' our sister photo} 

{daddy & his boy in june'13}

to my man,
best friend,
love of my life,
daddy to riley
and dear husband.
i loved you SO much before,
but watching you become such an awesome daddy 
to riley this past year,
made me love you even more!!
happy birthday, Wayne!!!
i love you xxx

st dunstan in the east & tower of london - exploring london

on saturday we went to St Dunstan in the East church, that is now a garden inside the ruins of the church (church got ruined during the Blitz).
riley was so relaxed and was just taking everything in and couldn't wait to get out of his pram and crawl around in the gardens.
the church (garden) was so pretty with all the trees growing inside the ruins.

after that we walked to the old entrance to london bridge, this is now the courtyard of a church.

and then we went to Tower of London.

we had such a great day exploring the ancient city of london.

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