series: 4 months

Thursday, November 01, 2012

week wise he is 17 weeks now but according to the date, he turned 4 months on monday.

he is so tall that he hardly fits length wise in his 3 month clothes that has long legs.  but again he looks ridiculous in 6 month ones because they are way too big.  most of his 0-3 month old clothes still fit him (all the ones without long legs).

i feel like in the last week he has learned so much.  he will pull faces and try so hard, you can actually see how he is trying to figure out how he can get your attention.  he loves staring and laugh at himself in the mirror.  he loves people, and he is such a charmer.  he will make noises so that you can look at him and when you do - he will give you the biggest smile that will just melt you heart.  he even laughed (and charmed) the nurse when he went for his injections - she felt so bad for giving him an injection afterwards.

he absolutely LOVES getting a message especially his feet, as soon as you message his feet, he will put his hands in his mouth and give you little giggles of delight.  he also has a thing for holding your hand (more like finger).  he likes to fall asleep while holding your finger & when you are walking with him in your arms, it doesn't take him long to find your fingers to hold.

he has also found his voice now, and will let you now know (vocally) when he is upset or just agitated. he makes the cutest little noise that sounds like a cat (very high pitched) when he gets annoyed.  wayne said that he takes after his cousin by being a real drama 'king'.

he still loves his bath but unfortunately we had to cut it down to just 5-10min in the bath due to him being over stimulated.  and this affected his sleeping at night.  we have started with a sleep schedule this week & its being going ok.  he still needs to hold my hand when he falls asleep but we are fazing that out now and getting him to go to bed at 8.30pm (and stay asleep) is a bit more challenging.

{it wasn't very easy to get him to sit still to take these photos - as you can see}

here is riley from 1-4 months:

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  1. awwww!!!! can't wait to see him!!!
    miss you guys so much...
    love you always xxx

  2. OMG... what a beautiful boy, I love the way his face lights up in the evening when I come home, his little disperate attempts to make you aware he is wanting attention from mom or daddy. Riley we love you, you are the best thing to ever happen to me.
    love you
    dad swan


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