what do the UK people talk about more than anything else?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

the weather, of course!  all conversations in this country start with the something about the weather.

(this photo was taken this morning on my way to work – if you look closely you can see the rain drops on the 2 leaves at the bottom.)

i know we are only in May now but i am longing for some sun & warmer weather.  it makes me feel so jealous when i see other people’s blogs/website & they are wearing summer clothes & have picnics & have sun and no rain. 

i’ve been told (by a lot of people), that i should be use to this kind of weather by now (since i’ve lived here for almost 10 years) but i just can’t get use to it.  i really feel i need weather like this and this.  And not weather like this:

have a great ‘hump day’ or little saturday!

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  1. that's pretty photos, I love the one with the leaves... it's probably true, mostly you guys do talk about the weather... i'm longing for winter here in south africa, but for some reason, it's hiding somewhere... ;)

    miss you tons and tons... love you! xx


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