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Friday, April 20, 2012

this was our blue sky this morning – and it definitely doesn’t look like this anymore! at this moment it is raining so hard that there is even ice in the rain.

we’ve been quite busy this last week with my cousin & her husband visiting us (Carmen & Emile – see photo above).  we had so much fun!! unfortunately i was a bit lazy and didn’t even take ONE photo of them (so i borrowed the above photo). 

i did however take a photo of the AWESOME burgers we had at Gourmet Burger on Tuesday night, they make the BEST burgers & milkshakes!


carmen left this sweet message on my fridge for me:  thank you for everything AND the prettiest pink flowers!

my niece, Katinka, & her little friend went to see the Babalela show last week.  it’s about this cute little purple wood creature that katinka just LOVES! my sister said that she was SUPER excited to see it & was pretty pooped (they both were actually) afterwards.

have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. You always have the cutest photos on your phone!
    Looks like katinka and her friend had tons of fun! ;) Carmen is the sweetest for leaving you the flowers and that cute message! Oh! and your burgers look awesome! wish i was there with you!

    love you always and always! xx


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