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this was our blue sky this morning – and it definitely doesn’t look like this anymore! at this moment it is raining so hard that there is even ice in the rain.

we’ve been quite busy this last week with my cousin & her husband visiting us (Carmen & Emile – see photo above).  we had so much fun!! unfortunately i was a bit lazy and didn’t even take ONE photo of them (so i borrowed the above photo). 

i did however take a photo of the AWESOME burgers we had at Gourmet Burger on Tuesday night, they make the BEST burgers & milkshakes!


carmen left this sweet message on my fridge for me:  thank you for everything AND the prettiest pink flowers!

my niece, Katinka, & her little friend went to see the Babalela show last week.  it’s about this cute little purple wood creature that katinka just LOVES! my sister said that she was SUPER excited to see it & was pretty pooped (they both were actually) afterwards.

have a great weekend everyone!

30 Weeks (only 10 to go)

Week 30 (1)Week 30 (2)
how far along? 30 weeks
maternity clothes?  still nothing
sleep?   not too bad I think, if i start my night sleeping on wayne – i only wake up one to go to the bathroom. 
best moment this week?  spending a fantastic time with my cousin, Carmen, & her husband, Emile when they came to visit us for a few days.   in baby moments:  probably when wayne was telling ducky a story & i told wayne that there’s no need for him to talk so load because ducky’s ears are still new (so they work perfectly well) and then ducky kicked wayne really hard against his ear – like he was saying:  “dad really, i’m not deaf – i can hear you perfectly well”.
miss anything?  nothing really.  
movement?  all the time!!  i am still trying to work out now what’s his head & bum. ducky is VERY active when it’s time for me to sleep.
food cravings?  nothing for this week
anything making you queasy or sick? nothing for this week.  
ducky's size?  40cm from head to heel.
ducky's weight?  1.3kg
interesting facts about ducky?  ♥ when ducky is sleeping now, he will also have dreams.  ♥ ducky’s lungs & digestive system are almost fully developed.  ♥ ducky is able to tell light from dark & can even track a light source.  so if i shine a flashlight on my tummy, ducky will move his head to follow the light & even reach out to touch it.  ♥ ducky has eyebrows & can even bat his eyelashes.  ♥ sucky will also respond to loud noises with extra kicks.  ♥ ducky still can’t feel temperature or pain, since his nerve sells are still maturing.
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy!
looking forward to? the weekend (I want to do as little as possible this weekend).  dinner with our friend Willie tonight.
what mommy is feeling♥ i am getting more tired now.  ♥ can’t walk that fast anymore.  ♥ found our first prenatal class quite interesting this week.  and we are both looking forward to the next class.  ♥ going to the loo SO SO many times, and the constant rainy weather here in london doesn’t help.  ♥ i know i still have 10 weeks to go, but getting a bit worried that we won’t have everything ready for when ducky gets here.  ♥ we STILL haven’t decided on a name for ducky. 

our easter sunday dinner

we did some (much needed) house work over the weekend since the weather was just horrible.  on Easter sunday we made a fantastic dinner with pork roast, green beans, carrots, roast potatoes & mashed swede.  for dessert i baked the BEST lemon cake ever!!

this weekend we have family, from south africa, over for a few days (REALLY looking forward to this). 

this last week, i’ve been going through all the photos on my laptop to add some on our walls in the house.  except for the fact that it makes me sad to see my family & friends in SA; it also makes me realise how lucky we’ve been here in the UK – we’ve been to quite a few extraordinary countries & places in the 10 years i’ve been away from SA.

for example:



to name a few of the amazing places we’ve been.

and on that note, i wish you all a fantastic weekend!!

our rainy weekend that turned out to be sunny

the weather people warned us that it will be a horrible, rainy & miserable weekend – so we didn’t make any major plans.  saturday was overcast & cold BUT when we got up on sunday & saw blue skies & sunshine, we decided to take advantage of it and go walk around King George’s Park in Wandsworth.  the park was so green and full of spring flowers and we ended up sitting in the sun for more 4 hours.

let’s hope for more sunny weekends like this Open-mouthed smile.

27 weeks–almost in my 3rd trimester!

how far along? 27 weeks
maternity clothes?  still nothing
sleep?   i sleep now A LOT better since i got my maternity pillow but still wake up a bit. 
best moment this week?  ducky calming down as soon as wayne starts singing and reading for him. 
miss anything?  some summer weather but pregnancy related…nothing really.  
movement?  all the time!!  i am trying to work out now what’s his head & bum. 
food cravings?  nothing for this week
anything making you queasy or sick? nothing for this week.  
ducky's size?  37cm from head to heel.
ducky's weight?  900g
interesting facts about ducky?  ♥ ducky is sleeping & waking at regular intervals.  ♥ ducky’s little eyes are opening & closing now. ♥ ducky is perhaps even sucking on his fingers.  ♥  i might even start to feel ducky having the hiccups.     
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy!
looking forward to? next appointment on saturday (7th April) to listen to ducky’s little heartbeat AND to the Easter weekend coming up!
what mommy is feeling♥ Pretty GREAT!! pregnancy brain is a bit of an issue for me at the moment.  i’m not use to forgetting stuff!  for example:  wayne asked me the other day if i threw away some spoilt fruit in our recycling bin (since it was collection day) and my answer to wayne was:  YES, i’ve done it! the next morning (after collection) he opened the fridge & saw the fruit & then he asked me again if i threw it away, and again i replied YES!  he told me then that i didn’t because it is still in the fridge.  i didn’t believe him because i remember going to the bin and throwing it out.  and i argued with him about this, so that he eventually told me to come and have a look in the fridge.  i just couldn’t believe that i didn’t do it! (i still think i threw it out but someway or another they ended back in the fridge).

in other news:


this long weekend we were all hoping for some  lovely hot & sunny weather like we had the last couple of days (photo above taken on sunday) BUT this was the heading in the papers this morning:

From sunshine to snow in two days: Severe weather warnings issued (click on link to view the article).

so NO sunny weather for us this weekend!

on that lovely note – have a great week!

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