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Friday, January 27, 2012

hubby the rocker.

the blue sky here in london this week.

my mom (with katinka) & my sister, Karlien (with katinka) on the phone with me.

and little noah sleeping. (soooo cute!!!)

we have a cold front here at the moment (that’s apparently going to last for the next 2 month) and there is a possibility of us getting some snow.

have a great weekend you all!!

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  1. oh lucky you, when you have a cold front we get the heat here in SA... love the photos of wayne...
    miss you both so much!
    can't wait for your visit!
    hope you have a lovely weekend...
    love you always and always!

  2. Thanks for the comments nips
    Stephanie always loves to capture such random pics of me
    I love the photos to... I look very mischieveious
    Looking forward to see u as well
    Not long to go now
    Love and miss u

  3. cute pics! hope the pregnancy is going well!


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