18 weeks

Monday, January 30, 2012

i'm 2 weeks away from half way through my pregnancy and i can't believe it!

in the photos you can just about see my tummy in the left photo & wayne felt a bit left out so he jumped in to have a photo of him too.  the bottom photos is wayne busy cleaning a few bricks to lift the foot end of the bed for me.

our weekend was a relaxing one for me, because wayne had to work most of saturday.  it was also freezing here! so we tried not to go out that much.

here is this weeks little list:

how far along? 18 weeks
maternity clothes?  still nothing
sleep?  still sore hips and i know i should go and buy a pregnancy pillow - but i will wait for the babyshow on the 25th Feb
best moment this week?  realising that i'm almost halfway & also not that long for us to go until our holiday to south africa.
miss anything?  mayo.  peppermint crisp chocolate (south african chocolate) but this is not because i can't have chocolate but because you can only get them in SA
movement? nothing yet
food cravings? nothing really
anything making you queasy or sick? still brushing my teeth.  
have you started to show yet? YES 
ducky's size?  14cm from head to bum
ducky's weight?  150g
interesting facts about ducky?  ducky can hear now in my tummy (so i'm driving wayne insane with playing music to ducky).  ducky can suck his/her thumb.  
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy!
looking forward to?  can't wait to feel some movement of our little ducky

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  1. Me cleaning bricks for you
    I must really really love you

    But must admit
    I would do anything for you

  2. cutest photos! miss you both so much!
    can't believe in 2 weeks time you will be half way through your pregnancy!
    can't wait for you to visit us here in SA! I promise I'll have a peppermint crisp ready for you!

    love you always and always.... xx

    1. i can't wait for our holiday in SA!! and don't forget my peppermint crisp! ;) xx

  3. I miss you both so much!
    I can't wait for you to visit us here in SA, I promise I'll have a peppermint crisp ready for you! :)
    I can't believe you are 2 weeks away from being halfway in your pregnancy!
    feels like I'm missing out on allot!
    btw. cutest photos of you and wayne!

    love you both.... and wayne always :)



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