17 weeks ALREADY!

Friday, January 20, 2012

 i am now 17 weeks pregnant and i actually feel pretty great!

so to keep my family up to date on how i feel, i've decided to compile a little list:

how far along? 17 weeks & 1 day
maternity clothes?  nothing really, just maternity underwear (bra's)
sleep?  i wake up a lot during the night of my hips being sore because i am trying to get my body use to sleeping ONLY on my sides.
best moment this week?  how good my lovely husband looks after me.
miss anything?  nothing really. oh wait... last week when we went to eat out (for our anniversary) i REALLY REALLY wanted a sip of wayne's don pedro drink.
movement? nothing yet
food cravings? nothing really
anything making you queasy or sick? brushing my teeth.  can't eat any cereal or even oats.  can't drink any tea.
have you started to show yet? YES and i'm very excited about it. i don't look just 'fat' anymore.
gender? finding out on the 24th Feb
ducky's size?  11cm from head to bum
ducky's weight?  140g
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? happy happy!
looking forward to?  can't wait to feel some movement of our little ducky

in other news (that i'm very sad about).  you remember the hulk (our christmas tree in above picture); it was time for us to put him outside so that he can get collected for recycling last night.  i was so sad to see him standing all alone outside in the cold.  (i think i need to stop naming them...)

have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. hahahaha! funny that you named the christmas tree Hulk! :) hahaha! I'm so excited about ducky! Can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy! I hope it's a girl! oh!

    hiehiehie it's funny that brushing your teeth makes to sick or queasy! :)

    love and miss you always!



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