our halloween

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

this was our first halloween that we decided to decorate & give candy to the little kids in our area.  we use to live in flats before & no trick or treaters will show up there.  since we are from south africa - it's also a new thing for us to celebrate halloween.  it was our first time carving pumpkins & i think for our first time - they came out pretty cute! (not that scary though).

i think wayne had more fun than the children in our neighbourhood.  loads of kids where walking around in the streets trick & treating, and we ran out of candy in the first hour or so.  wayne rushed out to go and buy some more since he didn't want any children showing up at our front door and be disappointed because they couldn't get any candy.

on one of the occasions when we opened the door (wayne with his scary mask on) gave a little boy such a fright that he was too scared to come and get his candy.

we had so much fun & can't wait for halloween next year!

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  1. aw! They look adorable (not that scary)!! but i wish I was there, cause I love halloween, and for some reason Halloween is not celebrated in South Africa sucks!

    love you and miss you loads!!
    love the photos, you look kind of scary in the first photo with that knife your holding with one hand! :) hahahaha!!


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