portsmouth trip

Monday, September 12, 2011

oh man it’s windy here today (and raining too).  i hope you all had a great weekend? 

last weekend we went to portsmouth for shopping and just to get out of london.  here is the photos from that visit.  we go there about 3 times a year to take advantage of the wholesale shops.

waiting for our train to portsmouth.

hubby relaxing on the 2 hour train journey
inside waterloo train station
the face statue is against all the pillars in waterloo station & our very green view out of the train
after wondering around in portsmouth for a bit, we had some lunch.  this was an awesome pub to have lunch.  the table numbers are huge & painted on the tables & and all the decor in the pub is ship or boat related.
my wonderful husband

our hamburgers we had for lunch
we looked at the portsmouth tower, and the boats in the harbour & an old bomb they are currently using as decor
they also had a few activities for kids; walking in a ball on water, little sailboats & playing in the sand
portsmouth has a old warship, HMS Warrior (from 1860) anchored in the harbour, and it's a museum ship.  this warship is HUGE.  the little blue ship in the front of this photo is not a toy but a real boat (see below)
a few funny photos of us on our way home.  wow it looked windy- just look at my hair. :) .  we also saw an old routemaster bus, waiting for a wedding party.

have a fantastic week!

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  1. cool photos! I love Wayne's T-shirt (just because I have the exact same one he bought me) and I love his shoes ! :) miss you both!
    Can't wait for you to visit us again.

    love you always! xx

  2. That ship is enormous!! These are great photos and I love the bus. And what a beautiful view from your window! Do most places outside if London look like this? I want to go!


  3. This ship is huge!! I love the pictures, that bus and the green fields! Is it like this all outside of London? It's beautiful. Great trip!

  4. Lindsay, thank you for the comment. i personally think the places outside of london is even prettier than london. you should definitely go!


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