our weekend in oxford & movie tuesday

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we took the 1hour & 25min train to oxford over the weekend for a little visit & walk around in the lovely town.  we LOVE oxford it’s so green & relaxing (and not london).  we haven’t been there in a while so this was so lovely!  oxford is know for it’s university & a bucket load of bicycles.

here is a few photos from our trip.  i took a massive amount of photos so i will try not to overload you:

harrods bus on the left & wayne doing a ballet move like tinkie, here & here.

at london paddington station for our train to oxford.

on the train

old buildings, walls & book statues in oxford

loads of old doors & doorknobs & even old doorbells.

and some more.

wondering around town, you see a lot of OLD buildings, bicycles (even ones used to advertise a restaurant); a very old (sadly, not working) water pump & boats on very green ‘mossy’ water.

we even saw this peace sign statue & big grinning statue.

and this freaky looking statue with teeth.  check out the small potato statue someone made next to it – even with teeth.

autumn is really here now.

the tree on the left’s leaves have grown against the whole front of the house & look quite spectacular.

there is loads of ducks, swans & birds – waiting to be fed.

we really LOVED this small hidden alley we found – it made us think about, and miss, venice.  all over town these little butterflies was sprayed on doors and walls (not sure why).

we had such an awesome time in oxford – and can’t wait to go back again.

for movie tuesday – we went to see Jurassic Park in the cinema.  they digitally enhanced it for the cinema  - like they did with back to the future earlier in the year.  it was absolutely fabulous to see this on the big screen.  i missed it when it came out the first time around.

hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!  wishing everyone the best for this week!!

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  1. wow! the photos are stunning!! wish i was there with you.... oxford is so beautiful, I loved all the photos of the doors!

    i love you so much
    glad you had a great time

    missing you loads



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