i made this: leather kindle cover

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

for this week's i made this i want to show you the AWESOME (i think it is - and i'm very impressed with myself) kindle cover i made for my kindle.  it is made with faux white leather & felt.  it was easy (even if my sewing machine complained a bit) but still a bit difficult to get the needle through the white faux leather & felt.  i still have leather left over, so will try to make a laptop bag with the rest, just need to get thinner felt for that.

see - i LOVE it! i even made a little strap & stitched on a big button.  i am not too sure it will stay this white in my handbag though.  (i got the idea from here)

around the big www, i saw the following ideas that i would LOVE to try:

this very clever & easy heart envelope:
{this clever tutorial is on this website}

go here to see the tutorial for this leather leaves hairpieces.  perfect for this autumn.

have a fantastic crafty wednesday!!

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  1. oh wow!! i love the kindle cover you made!! :/ would you please make one for my blackberry !? :/ I have a feeling my blackberry will need it... ;)

    the other ideas is stunning and I can't wait to see your next "i made this".

    Love you always and always



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