owl present & weekend

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the weekend i finished off my handmade present to my friend for her birthday.  after re-doing my first attempt… i was quite happy with my second try
the lovely owl doorstop.

on sunday we went down to westminster cathedral
the cathedral was very impressive & so big.  unfortunately i wasn’t allowed to take any photos from the inside.  the strange thing about this cathedral is that the ceilings inside the cathedral don’t have any paintings on them – it’s just black

westminster abbey
the parliament buildings (and some pretty amazing clouds)
we sat for awhile in the park – right next to the parliament buildings
i think that was wayne’s "I’m taking NO nonsense” face (on the right)
lovely white & fluffy clouds.  on the right is the duck tours bus. it is a land bus and a boat (all-in-one).
hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and week so far.
we are all trying to stay under the radar at the moment with the riots that is going on.  thank you for all the messages. i LOVE you all!!

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  1. missing you tons! the photos are amazing! looks like such a beautiful day! love the photo of the parliament buildings with the clouds in the background! :)

    love you always! xx


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