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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i’ve been busy with other projects so didn’t get a chance to make anything this week.  so to get our creative juices flowing for this lovely (rainy) day, here is what i picked up on over the internet these last couple of days.  i’m definitely adding these to my diy list.

Make my own mini album – from Design House Digital

Decorate bottles with yarn – from Style at Home

Make very cute books – from Hello, Friend

Make a mixed paper journal with our holiday photos & tickets – from found paper co

and lastly, i’ve left the cleverest idea for last (already added paper towel holder to my shopping list)

Use a paper towel holder for all my bracelets (hope one will be enough) – from here.

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  1. oh thats the coolest diy's ever! :) I love the paper towel holder idea! also the bottles covered in yarn and the books! so awesome! I think I'll try some of these! xx

    Love you always


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