i made this: colourful coasters

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

this is the original one’s:

from:  PurlBee
i love the fun and colourful idea of this. and it’s also a fun summer sewing project.
my coasters:
i could have glued the little segments on the felt but decided to hand stich them.  i only realised after i made about 4 of them that there is actually a template of the coasters.  i also decided to use funky foam on the back and not another felt circle – easier to clean.

i would also LOVE to do the following:

this is from designsponge.  and i think this is so clever, re-vamping a dreary old jar & as a bonus you get rid of all your little scraps of paper.

i can’t wait to try this.

clever idea from oh the lovely things.  she even gives you lovely templates, so all you have to do is print this off and follow her easy instructions and VIOLA you have a very clever birthday present for you family & friends.

hope everyone is having a fabulous ‘hump day’!

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  1. oh that is so awesome! love the colourful coasters! :)

    can't wait to see your next project.

    Love you always & miss you so much! xx


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