diy doorstop error

Monday, July 11, 2011

the weather was quite miserable here this weekend AND hubby worked the whole weekend.  so i decided to start with a diy present i want to give a friend on her birthday.  as always, i just started with my idea of a doorstop (the present i want to make her) without even making a pattern or anything like that.  and did i regret that decision.  i struggled my b**t off.  i didn’t want to waste the material i’ve already cut out, so i turned the doorstop into a pillow.  and i think its so CUTE!!  meet spottie:

all i need to do now is to start from scratch again with the doorstop.  at least i got a very adorable pillow out of my haste mistake. 

hope you all had a fantastic weekend & wish you a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. oh! I love spotty, although it was a mistake and not what you intended to make, he sure is adorable! Hope you make another mistake, I would love one too! :) Can't wait to see the doorstop when it's done!

    Love you always my sis!
    Oh, and Spotty's material is so pretty! L O V E!


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