our wedding day: portraits {part 2}

Friday, June 24, 2011

now it is the boys’ turn for their portraits. 

wayne’s best man was his cousin jason and they looked so handsome.

here is my gorgeous husband:

wayne always wanted a pocket watch after admiring his great grandfathers one when he was a little boy.  the wedding was the perfect occasion to get one and he wanted one that will last him for years.  so last year we had the difficult task to find him a pocket watch that he could treasure for years to come.  we eventually found one from the german jeweller company called thomas sabo.  wayne instantly loved it & we could actually afford it as well.  since this watch will have a lot of sentiment connected to it – wayne decided that he wanted to get it engraved as well. thomas sabo don’t do engravings but they recommended a local engraving company.  when we got there, we wrote the message on a card & i attached it to the watch & then they handed us the little slip and said that we can be back here to collect it in 2 hours time.  after wandering around the shopping centre for the 2 hours, wayne went to pick up his watch.  when he got there and opened up the box he noticed that the engraving didn’t have the message we requested on the watch but:  “to Kayla, all my love Mick”.  wayne thought that they were joking & when they realised that they made a mistake they said that if we bring them another watch they will refund us the price of the watch & we don’t need to pay for the engraving (i am so glad that this wasn’t an heirloom – not too sure what they would have done then).  it wasn’t an easy task to track down another watch, but luckily we found one at selfridges & went back to get it engraved (this time with the right message). 

here is the pocket watch:

the boys and their bowties (since the dress code was bow ties or no ties):

their converse all star shoes: (thank you jason for going through all the trouble to find a pair)

and last but not least the button holes or boutonnieres that my mum & sisters made, i just LOVED them and they look even better than what i could ever have imagined.

{credit for these photos should go to the spectacular hannalee & melanie}

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  1. ohhhh! I loved these photos! They really looked handsome and the shoes are so great! :)

    love you always!!

  2. Seeing these pictures brings back alot of wonderful memories, the day was just perfect... WHY because of all the hard work and dedication you put into it for 9-10 months. I dont care what other people might say.. Our wedding was awsome, most creative, breath taking day. Everytime I speak to my friends who were there, there comments are usually wow, fantastic or should I quote Joe.. Now that was a "fokken" cool wedding.

    Thanks steph for posting these pictures for our friends and families to see

    love you


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