our wedding day: getting ready

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

since receiving all of our wedding photos over the weekend i’ve been trying to work through the over 900 photos.  it is one massive task! so i thought the best way of doing it is to break it into different times during the day.

and i will start off with a few photos of me getting ready at kleinkaap in pretoria. we decided to drive through from groblersdal to pretoria on the morning of the wedding.  it was quite a task to get everyone (and all the baggage) in the 2 cars.  we got to kleinkaap early in the morning, packed everything out and the guys & galls split up and went to our respective rooms. 

in the girls room we made ourselves pretty by painting each other’s nails and then getting our hair and make-up done.  it was such a relaxing atmosphere.

we drank champagne:

had a few laughs with my sisters:

the morning went past so quickly.  before we realised it, it was time to get dressed & get married! {the following photos was taken by: hannalee}

a few more laughs with the sisters

my sister Janine got a big shock when she noticed all the buttons on the back of my dress.

some perfume:

the veil:

top-up the make-up:

and i’m ready for the portraits.

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  1. the photos are absolutely gorgeous!! :) love the photo with all of us laughing so hard... (can't remember what at...) :) can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!! i'm super excited! :) love you always my big sis! xx


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