our wedding day: decor & reception

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the main thing for me with ‘dressing-up’ the reception was that i didn’t want it to look too dressed up.  for example the flowers on the tables, i wanted that to look like we got the flowers from the garden and the atmosphere needed to be relaxed – like we are sitting down for meal with family and friends at our house.  that’s precisely what i got – and i LOVED it!  Royal Flowers & Functions did an amazing job.

the vases, pots & candle holders i bought at different shops in south africa.  the books was from a collection at my mums house & also from a store in our town. (this was used to tie in the book invitations i made). i bought so much ribbon & lace here in london that the lady at the store thought i wanted to open up my own business.
i didn’t want a runner or anything like that on my tables, so to emphasize the spectacular woodwork of the venue i wanted to use the wooden slabs as runners – again Royal Flowers made this possible for me.
i looked at THOUSANDS of different place settings examples at other brides' weddings but couldn’t find anything i liked until i saw these little heart shaped chalk boards at a little store in SA.  i ordered & paid for them there and then (and this was more than a year before the wedding).  i liked this because each person can keep theirs and re-use them for gift tags or anything else they want.
i didn’t like the idea of a thank you gift at every persons seat because most of the time you never use it again.  so i opted for a candy table as the thank you gift to all my guests.  because i currently live in the UK i decided to buy loads of candy here.  (that is mainly why my suitcase was over 10kg overweight).  i have to say a BIG THANK YOU to my sisters Karlien & Janine for this – because they put this together for me. 
we decided on cupcakes as our wedding cake & a friend made these heart shaped cupcake wonders for us:

my cake toppers i got from america (can’t find the link now).
our first dance we asked all our guests to lit sparkles…
i hope you enjoyed all the details of our special day!
i would LOVE to do this again (but the husband said only when someone else can pay for it).
my ring:
{photos taken by: hannalee & melanie}

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  1. these photos are so pretty! especially the one of your ring! its beautiful! and I can understand how it was possible to have amazing photos like these because your whole wedding was so breathtakingly gorgeous! :)
    love you!!


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